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The Art of Execution

Why some leaders can make more happen, keep followers on task and get more out of those around them.

This training shares strategies and resources taught to thousands of leaders, managers and supervisors to help them make decisions more quickly and hold employees accountable for results. These techniques are quick, effective and easy to use.

Participants have the opportunity to practice applying these new tools. Sample sets of the resources are presented and distributed.

Participants learn:

  • The latest research: When and how to decide and what to do next

  • How to apply analysis and decision-making tools

  • How and when to apply new tools in different workplace situations            

  • How and when to use employee input in decision-making

  • Techniques to improve communication throughout the organization about decisions and expected outcomes

  • How to apply new strategies that ensure employee buy-in on organizational decisions

Recent session participants had this to say:


“Sensible, useable tools that are understandable and easy to use.”


“I really appreciated the real world stories to connect.”

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