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Improved Employee Selection

Way More Effective Employee Selection Strategies. An Improved System for an Important Decision.

Resumes and interviews are unreliable, yet most companies continue to use these sources for information about job applicants. This training presents and details a more effective search system that uses tools and strategies from executive searches in private business.


Big River guides participants through a clear and consistent set of steps that reduces search time, allows for more reliable ranking and selection of candidates, uses more accurate interviewing techniques and promotes a better match between the employer’s needs and the eventual finalist.

Participants learn:       

  • How to prepare for the search process, including the planning required to hire the best person and using a “roadmap” to guide the search

  • How to assemble an interview team

  • How to develop priorities, questions, rubrics and score sheets

  • How to effectively screen applicants to select interviewees, including how to sort applicants and prescreening via email

  • Questions to ask when checking references

  • How to make the final selection and job offer

  • Best practices of orientation, training and supervising new employees





Recent session participants had this to say:

Tools were provided that are easy to use and implement. Specific topics focused on issues on which you can make immediate improvements.”

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