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Better School Board - Superintendent Relations and Evaluation

Way More Effective School Board Relations and Superintendent Evaluations.

A traditional superintendent or school board evaluation is also known as an “autopsy evaluation” because it is typically completed well after it is needed. This training will deliver a system for more helpful and timely evaluations that can be customized to best meet individual school district needs.


Participants learn:

  • An understanding of the development and use of district planning results and goals as a template for evaluation

  • How to design data collection systems for quarterly feedback on goals, soft skills and ongoing district work

  • How to develop annual evaluations that are summaries of quarterly feedback data

  • Best practices for increasing staff and community buy-in to feedback and evaluation

  • How to set annual goals for improvement



Recent session participants had this to say:


“Good discussion on board goals and the thoughtfulness process in making decisions.”


“I thought it was informative and helpful in setting precise goals and objectives for the district and implementing them.”

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